19 May 2017

The Straits Times Feature “Crib, co-sleeping or rocking cradle: Which is the safest bedtime option for your baby?”

There are many bedtime options for baby in the stores, but which is the safest product? Parents now have a dazzling array of bedtime options for their babies – from cots that can be placed beside an adult bed with one side lowered to self-rocking electronic cradles.

In this article, “Dr. Petrina Wong, a paediatric consultant at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, said the American Academy of Paediatrics has no guidelines on the use of co-sleeping products as there is a lack of evidence on their effect on sudden infant death syndrome or the risk of unintentional injury and death from suffocation.”

Dr. Wong also added that “while the baby is asleep, he may smile, grimace or make a sucking action, and his fingers and feet may twitch occasionally. An older infant may wake up at night to pull himself up to stand or practise newfound skills.”

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Credits: The Straits Times