Newborn & Well Baby Checks

Newborn Screening

Newborns are usually medically examined within their first day of life. At your first visit, Dr. Wong will go through the following checks:

— Measure your baby’s weight, length, BMI and head circumference
— Perform a thorough physical exam (She may also feel the neck and collarbone to see if there is a fracture from delivery, a common complication that heals quickly.)
— Check your baby’s breathing and reflexes
— Check for abnormalities (i.e. heart function, eyes, hip dysplasia or undescended testes for boys)

You are encouraged to ask any questions you may have, especially if you are a new parent and have questions relating to baby care and baby developmental milestones.

Start looking for a paediatrician early on in your pregnancy to prepare for your baby’s arrival.

Well Baby Checks

Scheduled well baby checks are important to your child. This is the time when your paediatrician is able to regularly check on several aspects of your’s child growth and development. Any problems or developing condition can then be identified early and treated as soon as possible.

What exactly does Dr. Wong check for during well baby checks?

— Your baby’s weight, height, BMI and head circumference in reference to growth charts
— Physical examination, including checking of birthmarks, eyes, head, and oral health
— Your baby’s eating habits and sleeping patterns
— Developmental and language milestones

Dr. Wong will answer any questions that you may have. She will also share relevant safety information according to your baby’s age.

Well baby visits are a chance for you to address your concerns for your child, since parents are usually the first ones to notice changes in their baby’s behaviour or growth. It is important that you take an active role in your baby’s health and come prepared with questions and an open ear.