23 Aug 2021

The Straits Times Feature “Hush now and go to sleep”

A lack of shut-eye can affect a child’s health and grades, so help him or her cultivate good sleeping habits.

Dr. Petrina Wong, Consultant Paediatrician (Respiratory & Sleep) reports a “20 percent increase in sleep issues among her patients. These mainly consist of bedtime delays resulting from screen time use as well as house dust mite allergies that cause allergic rhinitis conditions affecting sleep. This is due to more people staying home and increased exposure to household allergens.”

Read the full article to understand how sleep issues can affect a child’s behaviour, and the appropriate amount of sleep for your child as he/she grows: https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/parenting-education/hush-now-and-go-to-sleep

Source: Singapore Integrated 24-Hour Activity Guidelines for Children and Adolescents outlines the best practices on activity, diet, screen time and sleep within a 24-hour period – http://str.sg/3iGZ

Credits: The Straits Times