20 Nov 2021

Mothercare webinar: Caring for your newborn – your role as a parent

Being a parent is a rewarding role, but it also comes with challenges – especially for first-time parents. Adjusting to parenting is a process of trial and error, good days and bad, and it’s common to take a while to feel comfortable and confident in your new role.

During the webinar, Dr. Petrina Wong, Consultant Pediatrician (Respiratory & Sleep) gave tips and advice on “caring for your newborn – your role as a parent” to help new parents ease into their new role in the first 12 months. Topics covered include baby’s diet, pee & poop, developmental milestones, vaccinations, common childhood conditions and sleep tips for parents.

Click here to watch the full IGTV by Mothercare, featuring Dr. Wong

Credit: Mothercare Singapore